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Best Interior Designers in Delhi

We all use chair in our house for sitting purposes but we ignore its aesthetic or decor value A single chair makes a space beautiful here we share some tips by Interior Designer in Delhi. Simple chair takes on a wholly new meaning when changed as an accent chair Use this chair to highlight the space they occupy ,For that you don’tneed to buy new one you can add the element to the existing one, chair can be of any type either an arm chair or highback.

For beginners it would be good if you start with your liking choose the fabric you like the most.

Importance of balance the space

Chair should be place that it compliments the space, Richness of fabric should be compliment by wall.

Choose the material by following way

Material should be choose like if you re choosing polyester it heats up by long sitting but if your choosing cotton than you have to take care of thickness and texture of fabric so it would better if we know the purpose and place of chair.

Importance of cushion

There re some instance where you can add the life by adding a vibrant cushion on the chair it alone creates the magic, If you are planning to buy new chair ,it would be good idea to slect the type of chair like styling, designing.

Above are few tips by Best Interior Designers in Delhi

best interior designer in delhi

By doing some small changes in our existing space ,we can make noticeable difference and good part is that you don’t havre to pay for this secret tips, here s is some tips by some of Best Interior Designer in Delhi.


Everybody likes the nature but they don’t use the beauty of nature in their house ,its an cheap and easy way to beautify the house ,they re good for health as well as research says they reduce depression also.

We can put plants on windowsill ,we can use on the sofa corner or at the entrance of the house ,wherever you put them they will liven up the space.


Mirrors is cheap and easy way to decorate your place as mirror reflects the light and gives the space big look and you can name any Expert Interior Designer in Delhi who would denied the fact.

Fabric and furnishing change

Change of sofa fabric and curtain would be another good and cheap idea to give whole place a new look ,you can add some printed fabric on chair it will brighten up the chair and gives the place new look.

Putting your taste on display

Either it would be some trendy artwork or it would be the books that you read or souvenirs collected by you during travel any of the above things will add up beauty to your place.

Usage of wall decals or stencils

Wall decals are easy and cheap way to give a whole place a new look same way stencils would be good idea to give a wall new look.

Today if you need something you re a click away to getting things done all thanks to Google seeing things on internet is different applied to your situation is different. The Top Interior Designer in Delhi.

We have mention few common mistakes done by people (might be you find yours)

1. Importance of lighting

It enhances the aesthetic appeal and creates the mood light assures a cosy ,welcoming atmosphere in your house Light affects the colour of the room as dark colour makes room feel smaller while the light colour not.

2. Hanging photo frame and pictures at wrong height

We all love to hang our favourite family picture or painting on wall But before placing these frame on wall few things to be keep in mind Like height of frame or picture frame it should be on eyelevel Although height of every person is different so we usually take in Between 55 to 60 inches although it is not standard process as it Changes for high height wall and with furniture designing it depends.

3. Wrong size of furniture

Most of us buy furniture online or offline but in this process we do Common mistake is that we don’t consider our lifestyle and our space we must know how we’re going to put our furniture its orientation its exact size we can do this by marking on floor Other thing is our lifestyle like if we have pets than we don’t go for Traditional sofa as it’s torn by them so special care need when choosing fabric.

4. Choosing right colours

Colours is always a quick and cheap way to give an old room to new Look to make this happen if we would take some things in concern like selection of colours after the Furniture and Woodwork in Delhi, applying tester before applying main colour on our wall, choosing right sheen.

5. Selection of artefacts and décor

While choosing décor for your place it’s good to take minimal Approach, as placing too many accessories and pieces of art work can be distracting ,always try to match the décor with your current theme, Try to put your personal touch like your family photo souvenirs from your memorable trip.