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Best Interior Designers in Delhi

We all use chair in our house for sitting purposes but we ignore its aesthetic or decor value A single chair makes a space beautiful here we share some tips by Interior Designer in Delhi. Simple chair takes on a wholly new meaning when changed as an accent chair Use this chair to highlight the space they occupy ,For that you don’tneed to buy new one you can add the element to the existing one, chair can be of any type either an arm chair or highback.

For beginners it would be good if you start with your liking choose the fabric you like the most.

Importance of balance the space

Chair should be place that it compliments the space, Richness of fabric should be compliment by wall.

Choose the material by following way

Material should be choose like if you re choosing polyester it heats up by long sitting but if your choosing cotton than you have to take care of thickness and texture of fabric so it would better if we know the purpose and place of chair.

Importance of cushion

There re some instance where you can add the life by adding a vibrant cushion on the chair it alone creates the magic, If you are planning to buy new chair ,it would be good idea to slect the type of chair like styling, designing.

Above are few tips by Best Interior Designers in Delhi